Electric Pallet Jack


The WPT45 powered pallet truck is the ultimate solution for industrial facilities seeking smooth and efficient ground-level load handling. Designed with precision components to ensure seamless and rapid operation, this robust pallet truck guarantees an extended lifespan and minimal maintenance costs. If you desire a tough and highly productive powered pallet truck, the WPT45 is the ideal choice for your facility.

Key Features and Benefits:

Superior Performance: The WPT45 is engineered for optimal performance, enabling your industrial operations to achieve unparalleled productivity and efficiency.

Durable Construction: Built with high-quality materials, this powered pallet truck is sturdy enough to withstand demanding work environments, providing reliable and long-lasting service.

Smooth Operation: Experience smooth and fast material handling with the WPT45, allowing your team to work with ease and precision.

Cost-Effective: Minimise maintenance expenses with the WPT45's low-maintenance design, ensuring a cost-effective solution for your material handling needs.


The WPT45 is the perfect fit for a wide range of industrial environments, including warehouses, logistics companies, loading/unloading docks, and other heavy-duty applications involving substantial loads. With its impressive manoeuvrability, this powered pallet truck effortlessly navigates through tight aisles and narrow doorways and accommodates pallets with ease. Invest in the WPT45 powered pallet truck today and elevate your material handling operations to new heights of productivity and performance. 

Load Back Rest Options: 27 x 48" Load Backrest
Equipment Options: Cold Storage Option
Technical Specifications
Capacity (kg):

2000 kg

Max Height (mm):

120 mm

Battery Voltage/Normal Capacity:


Battery Onboard:

205ah Lithium Battery with external charger

Travel Speed: (km/h)

5.6/5.5 kph

Drive Control:



Electric Pallet Jack