Boxer (90cm)

With a 161 cm sweeping path with two side brushes, Boxer ensures high cleaning performance in large areas. It has been designed to work in heavy-duty applications such as steel factories and ceramic and cement factories. Boxer has the most reliable components and simple construction to give an efficient, robust, long-life machine.

With the driver seated at the front of the machine, this gives excellent visibility ensuring safety and ease of operation. The front wheel steer gives excellent maneuverability, and the operator can see both side brushes whilst driving.

Boxer is available powered by 48v battery, Kubota 3 cyc liquid-cooled Model WG752 18.5kW/24.8Hp petrol/LPG engine, and Kohler 2 cyc Model KWD702 18.5kW/24.8Hp diesel engine.

Large hopper capacity of 315L with dump height of 148 cm and dust filter surface of 9.8 m/sq. With a theoretical cleaning capacity of 13,000 sq.m/hour the Boxer is suitable for cleaning medium to large-sized areas, indoor and outdoor), as dust will not be released in the environment if the vacuum system is enabled during unloading procedures. BOXER lifts the hopper up to 1480 mm to quickly unload even the heaviest waste into containers, being also able to unload on the ground preventing the dust from dispersing.

A wide range of brushes and dust filters to ensure the best cleaning results depending on the type of dirt to collect and the different flooring.

  • 90 cm Broom
  • Better Visibility
  • Adjustable Seat
  • Large Anti-Puncture Wheels
  • Side Brush Vacuum
  • 315L Capacity Hopper
  • Vacuum on hopper
  • Hydraulic Hopper Lifter
  • Convenient Ergo Controls
  • Available in LPG, Diesel, or battery-powered


    Technical Specifications