Packaging Services

We can manufacture & supply a large variety of corrugated boxes, displays & lithographic packaging products.

Plain Carton

Styles Include: RSC (Regular Slotted Container),  FFSC (Full Flap Slotted Container), HSC (Half Slotted Container), 5 Panel Wrap.


Regular Slotted Container. All flaps on the RSC meet in the middle.


Full Flap Slotted Container. The FFSC style of carton has flaps that extend all the way across the carton. This creates a very strong carton.


Half Slotted Container. The HSC style of carton has flaps on only one end of the carton and the other end remains open. Is often placed over objects on pallets etc.

5 Panel Wrap

This style is unglued and has the option or a full of half flap on the ends

Pads & Liners

Pads and liners are sheets of corrugated board cut to size.