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Introducing the new LPE60-HD Lithium Forklift, a powerful and efficient workhorse designed for demanding outdoor applications. With its dual drive motors and heavy-duty 80V Li-ion battery, this forklift delivers even higher performance and a superior turning radius, making it perfect for yard work, loading, and unloading.

Key Features

Dual Drive Motors: The LPE60-HD comes with two drive motors, enhancing performance and manoeuvrability, especially outdoors.

Versatile Outdoor Operation: This forklift is a true workhorse and excels in demanding outdoor applications, handling even the most challenging tasks with ease.

Heavy-Duty 80V Li-ion Battery: Equipped with a heavy-duty 80V Li-ion battery, the LPE60-HD provides reliable power and efficiency, even in the most demanding conditions.

Opportunity Charging Capability: The Li-ion battery allows for opportunity charging, with up to 7% charge in just 10 minutes, ensuring continuous operation.

Efficient Communication via Can-Bus: The LPE60-HD communicates via Can-Bus with the truck, ensuring efficient usage and optimised performance at all times.

Lift Height & Capacity: with options up to 6,000 mm and capacity at approximately 3,000kg

100% AC Pump: The forklift features a 100% AC pump system for smooth and efficient operation.

Side Shifting Fork Carriage: Enhance productivity with the side-shifting fork carriage, allowing for precise load positioning.

Full Suspension Seating: The LPE60-HD is equipped with full suspension seating for operator comfort during long hours of operation.

Steer & Drive Motor System: The steer and drive motor system ensures precise control and responsive handling.

Traction 4 Wheel Solid Tires: The forklift is fitted with traction 4-wheel solid tires for optimal traction and stability. 


The new LPE60-HD Lithium Forklift is a reliable and efficient solution for demanding outdoor applications. From yard work to loading and unloading sideways, this forklift is designed to handle even the most challenging tasks with ease. Experience the superior performance of the new LPE60-HD Lithium Forklift and elevate your outdoor material handling capabilities.

Mast Options: 4300 mm
Battery Options: Lithium 230ah (Standard)
Technical Specifications
Capacity (kg):

3000 kg

Load Centre Distance (mm):

500 mm

Max Height (mm):

6000 mm

Battery Voltage/Normal Capacity:


Battery Onboard:

Lithium Ion Battery with external charger

Travel Speed: (km/h)

17.0/16.0 km/h

Drive Control:



Electric Counter Balance 4W