Electric Pallet Jack


Our 3,000 Kg capacity AC pallet truck has been designed to provide high productivity, reliability and low operating cost. Powered by a large AC drive motor that can propel the unit to 9mph, the WRT60 will allow operators to move more product per hour, and since there are no moving parts in the drive motor... many maintenance expenses are eliminated over the equipment's lifecycle.

With it's heavy duty steel construction and the use of best of breed non-proprietary parts the WRT60 delivers exceptional value. If you’re looking for a powered pallet truck that is tough and highly productive select our WRT60 for your facility.

The WRT60 Features:

  • 24volt ZAPI AC transistor contro;
  • Large high torque AC drive motor.
  • Heavy duty transmission
  • Shaft mounted electromechanical brake
  • Ergonomic handle with lift, lower, and infinitely variable speed control
  • Ergonomic high-speed bar with lift, lower, horn and high speed controls
  • Safety reversing switch, dual horn controls and tiller realease brake
  • Battery discharge indicator with hour meter
  • Key switch to limit access to approved personnel


Fork Length Options: 915 mm
Equipment & Battery Options: Cold Storage Option
Load Backrest Options: 27x48" Load Backrest
Technical Specifications
Capacity (kg):

3000 kg

Max Height (mm):

140 mm

Battery Voltage/Normal Capacity:


Battery Onboard:

280ah Lead Acid Battery with external charger

Drive Control:



Electric Pallet Jack