T40 - Walkie Tugger

The T40 Walkie Tugger from Big Joe is a powerful solution designed to eliminate operator strain when pulling carts over long distances. With a 1800 kg capacity, this walkie tugger offers variable travel in both forward and reverse directions, providing enhanced control and efficiency. The unit features an ergonomic handle with multiple positions, a safety reversing switch, and a horn for improved operator comfort and safety. 

Key Features:

Powerful Capacity: The T40 Walkie Tugger boasts a 1800kg maximum capacity, making it capable of handling heavy loads with ease.

Versatile Control: With variable travel in both forward and reverse, along with an articulating tow arm that can be locked out, the T40 provides improved control for various material handling tasks.

Ergonomic Handle: The tugger's ergonomic handle offers three positions for optimal operator comfort, along with a safety reversing switch and horn for added safety.

Efficient Electric Power: The T40 is equipped with a 24 volt DC drive motor and controller, offering reliable and efficient operation.

Polycase Batteries: Powered by 20AH polycase maintenance-free batteries, the T40 ensures extended runtimes and reliable performance.


The T40 Walkie Tugger is an ideal material handling solution for facilities that require efficient and ergonomic cart towing. It is particularly suitable for a wide range of industrial and warehouse applications. Its variable travel control and lockable tow arm allow for precise and controlled movement, making it ideal for maneuvering carts in tight spaces or congested areas. The ergonomic handle and safety features ensure operator comfort and reduce the risk of accidents during operation. The T40 Walkie Tugger from Big Joe is the perfect addition to any facility seeking to enhance material handling efficiency, operator comfort, and overall productivity.  

Technical Specifications
Capacity (kg):

1800 kg

Battery Voltage/Normal Capacity:


Battery Onboard:

Battery Onboard

Travel Speed: (km/h)

5.0/4.5 kph

Drive Control: