Electric Pallet Jack


The RPL44 Rider Pallet Truck Low-Profile from Big Joe is a fully electric pallet truck with a compact chassis and power steering designed for nimble performance in tight areas.

With its versatile capabilities, the RPL44 is the ideal choice for a variety of material-handling tasks.


Compact and Nimble: The RPL44 Rider Pallet Truck Low-Profile boasts a compact chassis and power steering, providing nimble performance in tight and congested areas.

Integrated Lithium Battery & Discharge Indicator: The RPL44 has an integrated lithium battery and battery management system, ensuring optimal performance during operation, opportunity charging, or full cycle charging operations. It also includes an inclusion of a battery discharge indicator that allows operators to monitor the battery status for optimal performance.

Ergonomic Handle & 24-Volt Travel Controller: The pallet truck features an ergonomic handle with reversing switch, horn, and dual "butterfly" thumb controls for safe and precise operation. There is also a 24-volt Travel Controller for infinite variable speeds.

Large Standard Operator Platform: The pallet truck features a large standard operator platform with rubber floor mats, ensuring operator comfort during extended use.

Technical Specifications
Capacity (kg):

2000 kg

Battery Voltage/Normal Capacity:


Battery Onboard:

205ah Lithium Battery with internal charger

Travel Speed: (km/h)

8.0/7.2 kph

Drive Control:



Electric Pallet Jack