Electric Counter Balance 4W


The LXE40 (formerly known as LXE37) from Big Joe, the most advanced 2-tonne electric forklift on the market. This powerful forklift is equipped with cutting-edge features that deliver electrifying performance, making it a smart solution for a wide range of industries.


Fast-Charging Lithium Battery: The LXE40 has a fast-charging Lithium battery, allowing quick charging times and increased productivity.

Impressive Container Mast: With a 4.8-metre container mast, 1152mm freelift, tilt, and sideshift capabilities, the LXE40 offers exceptional versatility for various material handling tasks.

Astonishing Charging Performance: The LXE40 features a 17.3kWh LFP battery and digital BMS, delivering astonishing charging performance with a full charge in 2.5 hours or 7% supercharge in under 10 minutes.

Opportunity Charging Capability: By opportunity-charging during work breaks, the LXE40 can operate around the clock, maximising uptime and efficiency.

Optimised Chassis for Stability: The LXE40's chassis has been optimised for stability, ensuring significantly improved safety margins compared to previous-generation forklifts.

Powerful AC Drive System: Equipped with a powerful AC drive system, the LXE40 can effortlessly navigate gradients up to 20%, enhancing performance on challenging terrains.

IP54 Ingress Protection: With IP54 ingress protection, the LXE40 is built to withstand various weather conditions, allowing for outdoor operations with confidence.

Smart Operator Features: The LXE40 offers a range of smart features for operator convenience, including an intelligent park brake with automatic rollback control, a horn button on the B-pillar for safer reversing, and a phone slot complete with a USB charging port.


The LXE40 is a true game-changer in the electric forklift market, offering unparalleled performance and convenience. Whether navigating challenging gradients, enduring various weather conditions, or maximising uptime through opportunity charging, this forklift sets new standards in material handling efficiency.

With multiple ownership models available, including lease and lease-to-own, the LXE40 is a cost-effective solution for companies seeking the highest level of performance and productivity in their material handling operations.

Mast Options: 4350 mm
Technical Specifications
Capacity (kg):

1800 kg

Load Centre Distance (mm):

600 mm

Max Height (mm):

5000 mm

Battery Voltage/Normal Capacity:

48v / 405ah Lithium Battery

Battery Onboard:

Battery Onboard

Travel Speed: (km/h)

10.5/14.0 km/h

Drive Control:



Electric Counter Balance 4W