Electric Counter Balance 4W


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Introducing the New LPE50 Lithium Forklift, a powerful and efficient workhorse designed for outdoor applications. With its dual drive motors and robust 80V Li-ion battery, this forklift delivers higher performance and a superior turning radius, making it perfect for yard work, loading, and unloading.

Key Features

Dual Drive Motors: The LPE50 comes with two drive motors, enhancing performance and manoeuvrability, especially outdoors.

Versatile Outdoor Operation: This forklift is a true workhorse and excels in outdoor applications, handling various tasks with ease.

Robust 80V Li-ion Battery: Equipped with a robust 80V Li-ion battery, the LPE-50 provides reliable power and efficiency.

Opportunity Charging Capability: The Li-ion battery allows for opportunity charging, with up to 7% charge in just 10 minutes, ensuring continuous operation.

Efficient Communication via Can-Bus: The LPE50 communicates via Can-Bus with the truck, ensuring efficient usage and optimised performance at all times.

Lift Height & Capacity:  a maximum of 6,000 mm lift height and approximately 2,500kg capacity

100% AC Pump: The forklift features a 100% AC pump system for smooth and efficient operation.

S Fork Carriage: Enhance productivity with the side-shifting fork carriage, allowing for precise load positioning.

Full Suspension Seating: The LPE50 is equipped with full suspension seating for operator comfort during long hours of operation.

Steer & Drive Motor System: The steer and drive motor system ensures precise control and responsive handling.

Traction 4 Solid Tires: The forklift is fitted with traction 4-wheel solid tires for optimal traction and stability.


The New LPE50 Lithium Forklift is a reliable and efficient solution for various outdoor applications. From yard work to loading and unloading, this forklift is designed to d tasks. Experience the superior performance of the New LPE50 Lithium Forklift and elevate your outdoor material handling capabilities.

Mast Options: 4300 mm
Charger Options: Internal 240v 15a Single Phase
Battery Options: Lithium 205ah (Standard)
Technical Specifications
Capacity (kg):

2500 kg

Load Centre Distance (mm):

500 mm

Max Height (mm):

6000 mm

Battery Voltage/Normal Capacity:


Battery Onboard:

Lithium Ion Battery with internal (240v or 3Ph) or external charger

Travel Speed: (km/h)

15 km/h

Drive Control:



Electric Counter Balance 4W