Electric Pallet Stacker


Introducing the CB30 Counterbalance Stacker from Big Joe Forklifts, a powerful and versatile solution designed to handle heavy-duty, non-standard pallet handling needs. With a 1.5-tonne capacity and lift heights up to 5.0 metres, the CB30 is equipped to tackle various material handling tasks with ease. Its unique legless counterbalance design sets it apart from most pallet stackers, enabling compatibility with non-standard pallets and offering the ability to load trucks or pallet racking from any position.


Legless Counterbalance Design: Unlike traditional pallet stackers, the CB30 features a legless counterbalance design, making it compatible with non-standard pallets and allowing loading from any position.

High-Lift Heights: The CB30 boasts impressive lift heights of up to 5.0 metres, ensuring versatility and efficiency in various material handling applications.

Folding Operator Platform: The stacker is equipped with a folding operator platform, allowing personnel to ride on the stacker for long-distance travel or walk behind for accurate control.

External Charger and Battery: Designed for heavy-duty operations, the CB30 has an external charger and an array of battery options including a lithium battery power option.

Industry-Standard ZAPI AC System: The CB30 is powered by an industry-standard ZAPI AC system, minimising maintenance requirements and maximising productivity.

Vertically-Mounted Drive Wheel: The stacker's vertically-mounted drive wheel enhances stability and maneuverability, improving handling efficiency.

Comprehensive Safety Features: Safety is paramount with the CB33, offering an e-stop button, automatic anti-rollback brakes, and a hydraulic hose-burst valve for added operator and equipment protection.

Low-Speed Mode: The stacker automatically switches to low-speed mode when the forks are raised above 500mm, ensuring stability and control during elevated handling.


Combining the safety of a pedestrian stacker with the capabilities of a counterbalance forklift, the CB30 Counterbalance Stacker from Big Joe Forklifts is a smart solution for heavy-duty and non-standard pallet handling needs. Its innovative design and powerful features make it the ideal choice for efficient and reliable material handling in various industrial settings.

Mast Options: 4000 mm
Battery Options: 210ah Lead Acid
Technical Specifications
Capacity (kg):

1500 kg

Load Centre Distance (mm):

500 mm

Max Height (mm):

5000 mm

Battery Voltage/Normal Capacity:


Battery Onboard:

Onboard Battery

Travel Speed: (km/h)

5.5/6.0 km/h

Drive Control:



Electric Pallet Stacker