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Warehouse Shelves from Above

Warehouse Racking Systems & Mezzanines

Spot On offers a tailor made warehouse racking and mezzanine solutions to help you maximize your warehouse space, improve your warehouse efficiency, and increase your warehouse safety. We offer a variety of racking systems to choose from, including pallet racking, selective racking, drive-in racking, and mezzanine racking. We can also customize our racking systems to meet your specific needs.


Our racking systems are made from high-quality materials and are designed to meet all safety standards. We offer a free quote and can help you elevate your business with our warehouse racking and mezzanine solutions.

Mezzanine Floors

Warehouse Mezzanine Floors

We specializes in the design, supply, and installation of mezzanine floors for warehouse and industrial applications across Australia. Our mezzanine floors provide the opportunity to take advantage of your vertical space and to provide more storage space for your equipment and products.


All of our mezzanine floors are pre-fabricated and stand on their own, so they are not dependent on the structure of the existing structure. This makes them easy to install and relocate, and it also means that you can enjoy construction savings by installing a mezzanine floor for less than renovating your entire warehouse.


Our mezzanine floors are also designed to the required weight loadings to support heavy loads and have safety barriers to ensure the safety of your team. We incorporate columns and other potential obstructions into our designs to ensure that your mezzanine floor is safe and secure.

Warehouse Racking System & Warehouse Storage

Spot On specializes in the supply and installation of quality pallet racking systems for warehouse operations across Australia. We tailor our racking solutions to suit your individual storage requirements.


Our services include:

  • Designing and fitting out new or existing warehouse storage facilities

  • Consolidating warehouses to maximize space and efficiency

  • Providing additional storage solutions quickly to allow for increased stock holding capacity

  • Redesigning existing facilities to accommodate to new types of product ranges


We manage the entire process from design to delivery, including racking selection and forklift integration. We also offer annual racking audits to ensure your racking system is always fit for purpose.

All of our warehouse racking solutions are custom designed to benefit your business.

Warehouse Storage

Types & Styles of Racking

Warehouse Racking Types

Below you will find a list of the most common types of racking & storage within Australia. This is not a comprehensive list, and we can provide other customisations to specifically suit your application. If you are in this category, please reach out to our solutions team.

Selective Rack

  • Excellent for customers with multiple SKU's

  • Works with pallet loads or break pallets

  • Works with varying aisle sizing (forklift dependant)

  • FIFO use


Drive-in / Drive-Thru Rack

  • High Density Storage

  • Good choice for low SKU and high activity

  • Works with all forklift types (although some modification may be required)

  • LIFO use


Double Deep Rack

  • Great for medium amount of SKU's

  • Specfic Forklift requirement (two options available)

  • Higher Density & Utilisation compared to Drive-Thru

  • LIFO use


Cantilever Rack

  • Perfect for Long Products

  • Adjustable & Customisable

  • Single or Double Sided


Push Back Racking

  • High Pallet Activity

  • Aisle requirements specific to forklift

  • Up to 10 Pallets Deep (no specialised forklift required)

  • LIFO use


Pallet Flow

  • Ideal for Frequent Pallet Movement

  • Great for staging orders from production to shipping

  • High Reach or counter balance forklift

Other Equipment

Mezzanine floors & racking are only the tip of the offering. We can also provide the following:

  • Mezzanine Offices

  • Walkovers & Service Platforms

  • Access Solutions

    • Staircases

    • Stair Ladders

  • Forklifts and Pedestrian Barriers

  • Gates

Warehouse Workers

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