Walkie Reach


Big Joe Forklifts

Introducing the PDSR Series Reach Truck from Big Joe, a versatile and efficient solution designed for narrow aisle and non-standard pallets. Whether you need a walkie reach truck or a ride-on reach truck, the PDSR series is a reliable supporter for all kinds of stacking work, ensuring accurate and reliable operation with its electro-magnetic valve.

Key Features

  • Dual-Monitoring Power Steering: Enjoy a more comfortable and efficient driving experience with the PDSR's dual-monitoring power steering, providing precise control and maneuverability.
  • Pantograph or Moving Mast Options: Depending on your preferences and specific application needs, choose between a pantograph or moving mast configuration to effectively reach out the fork.
  • Ideal for Limited Spaces: The PDSR series is specially designed for warehouses with limited space, making it the perfect solution for optimising storage in narrow aisles.
  • Versatile Handling: Suitable for various kinds of goods and non-standard pallets, the PDSR series excels in handling diverse material handling tasks.


Experience the efficiency and reliability of the PDSR Series Reach Truck from Big Joe. With its narrow aisle capabilities and specialised design, it is the perfect choice for warehouses with limited space and varied material handling requirements. Elevate your stacking work with the precision and versatility of the PDSR series.

Mast Options: 3600 mm (Duplex)
Wheel Options: Twin Tandem Load Wheels (Standard)
Safety Options: Blue Safety Light
Technical Specifications
Capacity (kg):

1500 kg

Load Centre Distance (mm):

500 mm

Max Height (mm):

6000 mm

Battery Voltage/Normal Capacity:


Battery Onboard:

Lithium 205ah Battery with external charger

Travel Speed: (km/h)

6.0/5.5 kph

Drive Control:



Walkie Reach