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J1 Vertical Order Picker

Experience unmatched productivity and enhanced safety in your warehouse with the J1 vertical order picker from Big Joe Forklifts. Featuring a robust, stable mast and spacious working platform, this cutting-edge order picker empowers your employees to work efficiently while minimising the risk of injuries.

Its impressive capabilities include elevating operators, maneuvering tight spaces, and seamless diagonal movement between tasks. The high-efficiency AC drive motor and versatile power options further boost performance, making the J1 a cost-effective solution for maximising picking faces and streamlining operations, particularly ideal for e-commerce retailers and 3PL firms with diverse SKUs.

Benefit from the J1's exceptional functionality, bridging the gap between low-level order pickers and costly VNA trucks, and backed by a reliable two-year warranty.

Key features

Stable Mast Design: The J1 vertical order picker boasts a heavy-duty, stable mast, ensuring a secure and safe working platform for operators, reducing the risk of injuries.

Impressive Lift Height: Elevate operators up to 4880mm, enabling efficient access to higher storage areas and maximising picking faces, enhancing overall warehouse productivity.

Compact Maneuverability: With a tight turning radius of just 1385mm, the J1 excels in navigating narrow spaces, optimising space utilisation and allowing easy movement between tasks.

Diagonal Driving Capability: The J1 can be driven diagonally, offering seamless movement between work areas, saving time and streamlining material handling operations.

High-Efficiency AC Drive: Powered by a high-efficiency AC drive motor, the J1 ensures smooth and precise travel, enhancing overall performance and operator comfort.

Power Option: 24V/205Ah LFP battery, provides versatile power solutions to suit your specific operational needs.

Electromagnetic Braking: Equipped with electromagnetic brakes, the J1 offers reliable and responsive braking, enhancing safety during operation.

Spacious Working Platform: The J1's large working platform accommodates operators and their tools comfortably, promoting ergonomic operation and reducing operator fatigue.

Cost-Effective Solution: Positioned between low-level order pickers and expensive VNA trucks, the J1 offers a budget-friendly alternative for maximising picking faces, ideal for e-commerce retailers and 3PL firms with diverse SKUs.

Mast Options: 3200 mm
Technical Specifications
Capacity (kg):

454 kg

Load Centre Distance (mm):

600 mm

Max Height (mm):

4800 mm

Battery Voltage/Normal Capacity:


Battery Onboard:

Lithium 205ah battery with external charger

Travel Speed: (km/h)

5.5/5.5 km/h

Drive Control:



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